SCZ Series Synchronous Reluctance Motors

SCZ Series permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motors use ferrite to generate permanent magnet auxiliary torque and take reluctance torque as the main driving torque.  The motors have the characteristics of high power density and small size.
The motors can be used to drive light industrial machinery such as plastic machinery, machine tool spindles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and air compressors; they can also be used for heavy machinery such as petroleum, chemical, paper, fans, and pumps. The motors are installed in the same way as standard three-phase asynchronous motors, and can be perfectly replaced with traditional low-energy-efficiency asynchronous motors.

  • Standard: IEC60034
  • Frame size: H80-315mm
  • Rated power: 0.75kW-200kW
  • Degrees or energy efficiency: IE5
  • Voltage and frequency: 400V/50Hz
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    SCZ series Synchoronous Reluctance Motor  are independently designed,The  motor is a three-phase electric motor with a magnetically aniso-tropic rotor structure,adopt IEC standard frame size design to meet different needs of customers, and can provide IE5, IE4, IE3 series products, including pure synchronous reluctance motor.


     Standard  IEC60034
    Frame size H80-315mm
    Rated power 0.75kW-200kW
    Degrees or energy efficiency IE5
    Voltage and frequency 400V/50Hz
    Degrees of protections  IP55
    Degrees of insulation/Temperature rise  F/B
    Installation Method  B3、B5、B35、V1
    Ambient temperature  -15°C ~+40°C
    Relative humidity should be less than 90%
    Altitude should be lower than 1000 m above sea level
    Cooling Method  IC411
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    Ordering Information

    ● This catalogue is only a reference for users. Please forgive that if any change ofproducts will not make additional specify in advance.This catalogue is only a reference for users. Please forgive that if any change ofproducts will not make additional specify in advance.
    ● Please note the rated data when ordering, such as the motor type,power,voltage, speed, insulation class, protection class, mounting type and so on.
    ● We can design and produce special motors as followed according to therequirement of customer:
    1. special voltage, frequency and power;
    2. special insulation class and protection class;
    3. with terminal box on the left side, double shaft ends and special shaft;
    4. high temperature motor or low temperature motor;
    5. used on plateau or outdoor;
    6. higher power or special service factor;
    7. with heater, PT100 for bearings or winding, PTC and so on;
    8. with encoder, insulated bearings, or insulated bearing structure;
    9. with others requirement.

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